Everyone has value and importance  

Everyone has the capacity to think and is responsible for their thoughts/feelings/behaviour 

Everyone has the potential to change   

                    Principles of Transactional Analysis



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I have always been fascinated by human behaviour and wanted to understand where our thoughts and feelings come from, why we do what we do. The main theoretical model underpinning my work is Transactional Analysis and for me this approach goes a long way in explaining human interaction and why we think, feel and behave as we do. 

Like many theoretical approaches in therapy it highlights the extent early influences and events can continue to affect and direct us later in life. This could be in terms of our unconscious beliefs about ourselves, others and the world, or our patterns of relating to others and our ways of dealing with emotions. 

But all this isn’t fixed. By becoming more self aware we can decide what influences we wish to keep and what we wish to change. Through understanding our motivations more fully we can change our undermining self sabotaging internal dialogue and be more supportive of ourselves. We can make new decisions about who and how we wish to be.


To achieve this level of change, it helps to have a supportive therapeutic relationship - this is what I seek to provide. In order to process and free ourselves of the past we need to trust that we can be open and honest and that this will be accepted without judgement, that we will be valued and appreciated. Expressing our vulnerability, pain and confusion takes courage, so the relationship with therapist is vitally important. 

As your therapist my role would be to actively create a safe space for you to explore your concerns and to work with you to make sense of what is going on, sensitively communicating my understanding as it emerges. I do not offer solutions, but may offer suggestions, alternative ways of looking at things, and assist you in working out solutions of your own.

I think of my work as a “collaboration” - we are working things out together. I tend to share my theoretical thinking and often explain elements of theory so that you can decide if this makes sense, develop your own understanding and come up with your own problem solving ideas. I hope that in this way people I work with will feel empowered and have more resources and ideas to fall back on in future times of challenge.